For those of you that travel a lot with work or simply don’t have much time to train, then maybe will serve for some inspiration.

I am going to provide 3 examples.  Each of the workouts will work your energy system in a different way. One will be a more conventional ‘cardio’ workout, one will be a ‘resistance’ workout (with weights), and one will be a ‘bodyweight’ workout (fairly self-explanatory! This one requires no kit and you can do anywhere).

Can I impart a pearl of wisdom here:  Please stop and take some accountability for yourself and your training. The RPE scale below is a simple and effective way to break down how hard you’re working (there are many other methods such as VO2 Max, Heart Rate %’s, and more, but that’s for another blog).

Image result for borg rpe scale

Spend a few minutes before your workout to strategise.  If you’re doing some cycling intervals then draw on past experiences to ascertain what output you may handle (and if you’ve never ever been on an exercise bike then be sure to record your workout, start easy, and make small consistent improvements).  If you’re about to do a resistance workout with some weights that you know will get spicy after say 10 reps (and the workout calls for 100 reps), then consider parking the ego and lower the weight.  Do not lift weights until the point of form failure.  Move well and keep rests short.  These are not strength workouts.  These are 20-minute blasts!

Pearl of wisdom 2: Download some free apps.  Some of my favourites include ‘HIITTimer’, ‘Flex Timer’, and if you’re in a hotel with a Watt Bike, I suggest you download their app too.


Workout 1: ‘Cardio’

I want to explain, I did not invent this workout, this is a direct rip-off from British Cycling (I mean who better to get cardio inspiration from!).

What’s great about this workout is ALL HOTEL GYMS HAVE BIKES!  NO EXCUSES!

The workout is as follows (exactly 20 minutes in length):

Image result for british cycling warm up

Please note:  This is very very intense (regardless of the resistance you put on the bike).

For beginners, I advise subtracting 10 RPM from the cadence (except the max rev outs). Intermediates drop 5 RPM.

The above makes no mention of resistance or gearing.  Why not?  Because the chances are you spin too slowly!  Keep the resistance low and make an effort to spin fast.  If you as a beginner find -10 RPM too easy, then move to intermediate pace.  Only progress to the above sheet once you’ve done the -5 RPM.  Do not sacrifice RPM for gears!  Once you can do the above, then at this point you can now add resistance to the gearing.

Workout 2: ‘Resistance’

Warm-up (5 minutes)

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, take a 15-second break and then move on to the next one.

  1. Jumping Jacks, 2. Alternating Lateral Lunge, 3. Bodyweight Squat into Inchworm push up, 4. Jump Squats, 5. High Knees


Perform the following sequence 4 times through.  Move seamlessly through the movements.  Rest no more than 2 minutes after one full round.

Options:  Either look to increase the weight of the dumbbells each round or if staying at the same weight, consider timing your rounds, aiming to get quicker.

Disclaimer:  Is this the worlds most rounded workout?  No. Could it be more balanced?  Yes.

This workout was designed with a few things in mind, namely: Requires only one pair of dumbbells and all the exercises involve dynamic compound movements.

I did consider adding some more isolated movements in (posterior chain etc) but I wanted to make sure you guys get a good blast in with minimal fuss!


  • Dumbbell sumo deadlift high pull * 12 reps(Set up in a wide stance deadlift, and extend up (fast), using the hip drive to help the dumbbells fly to shoulder height)

  • Front rack (dumbbells on shoulders) Squat + Curtsy lunge * 12 reps (alternating each curtsy lunge between each squat)
  • Man Makers’ * 6 reps (grip the dumbbells in push up position, perform a push up then perform a renegade row on your right side, then left side, next you jump your feet to the outside of the dumbbells, then swing clean the dumbbells onto shoulders, finishing with an overhead press, finally lower the dumbbells back down and jump the feet back (ok that’s one down, five to go!)



  • Next up with just one dumbbell lets hit a dumbbell high pull catch * 12 reps (in essence you’ll deadlift the dumbbell, shrug it to chest height, then physically let go and re-catch it as you lower into the squat.)


Workout 3: ‘Bodyweight’ – Death by Burpees

The key point is to do your burpees every minute on the minute. The beginning will be easy but then it’ll quickly start getting a whole lot harder.

Death by Burpees will not kill you. It only will make you stronger than ever.

Here is a video of this humbling movement:

At the top of the burpee, you must jump and clap. If you miss one of those criteria or your form breaks down at any point, the rep doesn’t count.


EMOM as long as possible:

  • 1 Burpee in the first 1 min
  • 2 Burpees in the second 1 min
  • Burpees in the third 1 min

This means you’ll start the workout by doing a burpee (the best burpee of your life!).  You then have the rest of that minute (so say it took 5 seconds) to twiddle your thumbs and wait for the start of the next minute.  When the clock says 60 seconds, you’ll smash out a set of 2 burpees.

Continuing this for as long as you are able.  It’ll soon hurt!


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