Find out what is in store for Wellness in the new year, the good, the bad and the fad!

As the clock strikes 12, the wine glass gets placed down and so begins the new year’s resolutions. To be fitter, to eat cleaner and to be “well”. Okay, maybe not immediately after 12 pm but the following morning then!

There is nothing wrong with new years resolutions; goals are reasonable. It’s making them achievable and something you can sustain which is the critical part.

Here we look at what is trending in wellness for 2018 (from our genuinely intriguing to the genuinely faddy).


  • Mind Trackers – move over Heart-Rate trackers, there is a new kid in town. Mind trackers claim to measure and improve your focus, detect stress and even let you play video games with your brain, using EEG to track your brain waves. Look out for Muse which helps you meditate and Spire that helps with stress.
  • Digital Detox – Cure your Social Media addictions and start living in the real world. Move away from the show-reel of Instagram wellness gurus and become your own inspiration for living well. Switch browsing the past on Facebook for meaningful time with friends; training together, watching a film or playing with your children. The only “FOMO” (fear of missing out) you should have is that of your real life; children/ work/experiences.
  • Kindfulness – 2017 was about Mindfulness. 2018 is about Kindfulness. It’s simple: start being kind to yourself (and others!). Would you speak to others the way you talk to yourself when you make a mistake? Be nice! You’ll get more out of your life. Try some random acts of kindness in the workplace too. In a world when we are so time-poor, simple things like manners seem to have been forgotten. Kindfulness challenges this.
  • Recycled Repast – In 2018 we will be paying attention to how much food we throw away and instead using every scrap we have for broths / inventive meals or use in the garden.
  • Slacklining – Exercise is fun when there is a new skill to learn. Challenge your brain as well as your muscles. Similar to tightrope walking but with less tension, this is a fun activity for the whole family.
  • Napping – A short period of sleep taken during the day. Research suggests it helps re-charge our batteries and combat the long working days we now have. Podtime sleep pods are starting to pop up in larger corporations.
  • Standing – The standing desk such as IWASD has carved the path for us getting up off our chairs and putting the weight on the feet, where it is meant to go. Standing meetings are in store for 2018!
  • Silence – Enjoying the sound of nothing. Embracing silence and learning to listen is the skill for workplaces in 2018.
  • Wabi-Sabi – an ancient Japanese philosophy for accepting imperfection. Think flea markets over shopping malls. Think rustic cooking over five-star restaurants. Modesty over showing off.

Potentially Faddy:

  • Vegan Junk Food – junk food is junk food, vegan or not.
  • Black Food: Charcoal – while a potential health benefit it is not the answer to all health problems.
  • Floating Yoga – Can’t standard yoga be okay?
  • Crystals – Another potential health benefit but not a replacement for changing behaviours and modern medicine.
  • Nootropics – Cognitive enhancers also known as smart drugs. There are better, healthier ways to improve focus.
  • Piloxing – Pilates meets boxing. Does everything need to be amalgamated?!
  • Goat Yoga – what can we say?

Your number one Wellness Trend for 2018 should be an Employee Wellness Programme. Contact us today to get started!


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