Get #wellinto17 with these simple changes to get your employees well-focussed, well-engaged and well-into their work!

At Wellness London we help to get employees well into wellness, here is our 8 step guide for 2017;

Work out a strategy; what do you hope to achieve and what steps will make it happen?

Expend; time, energy, budget. What is the spend on business development? If your people are happy and well, business will improve: make room in the annual budget for an active wellness programme.

Listen; What do employees want and need? Don’t make assumptions. They may like running but what they want is help with their stress levels. Our Well Away employee days give employees a chance to experience a taste of wellness and express their opinions.

Learn; Action what you have heard. Show your employees you take what they say seriously. If you want them to use the programme, you have to gain their trust.

Inform; feedback your findings to senior management on what employees are saying, make it matter. Senior buy-in is vital.

Nominate; Have a spokesperson and delegate wellbeing tasks to employees. Involve them in the process. This programme is theirs!

Targeted or widespread; who is your focus? Our “Well on to” Wellness plans deal with specific employee groups such as those going through redundancy or return troubled times. Conversely, our Wellness Working packages tackle the workforce at large.

Observe and record progress. Adapt as needed. Evolution is the key. If something isn’t working, it’s not a sign of failure; you may just need a different approach. As experts in the field, we can help get you well into wellness.

We can help you devise a cost-effective, user-friendly wellness programme today. Ease your stress by contacting us today for more information.


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