From Facebook and mental health disorders to walking for air miles; what you need to know NOW.

1 – Drink more water. Not only does it improve your focus, but it also improves skin health by aiding liver and kidney function. Chances are your headache, or reduced concentration can be relieved with a glass of water. Read 8 Nutrition Rules to Live By Everyday here.

2 – Have you assumed your friend or colleague is happy and well? Look a little closer at their social media. You may be surprised. Facebook updates could help diagnose and treat mental health disorders. Find out more. 

3 – UK vs. the USA: Who has better health and wellbeing? The UK wins on treating avoiding chronic conditions and eating well, but the US rates better for positivity and less smoking. Who wins

4 – How much do you spend on fitness? Seven people reveal their fitness budget here.

5 – Move more. 80% of Britons work in jobs that require little or no physical activity at all. Making time to stand, to move; this is not an exercise prescription, this is us simply saying walk, run, stretch, dance. Get up and make coffee. Anything! Just get out of your seat and get your muscles working. Poor posture is not necessarily the issue, but the lack of movement is.

6 – For every £1 spent on healthcare, 95p is dedicated to the treatment and only 5p on prevention. Stop leaving things to become an illness or costly issue. Mindfulness helps manage stress; movement helps prevent back problems; good food prevents weight gain. You get the picture.

7 – Are you at the correct weight or perhaps underweight? Don’t assume you are automatically healthy; here is why. 

8 – 78% of us describe our job as stressful. Stress is inevitable but how you manage it can change everything. Mindfulness is in the news for a reason. Have you tried it yet? 

9 – Measuring your steps in exchange for air miles and retail discounts. A new take on fitness tracking. Find out more. 

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