Motivated employees
will make a company thrive

Wellness London’s people are at the heart of what we do. The combined passion for wellbeing and corporate experience of the founders, board members and wellness consultants are the key to WL’s success

Meet our People

Philip Jones


A life-long love of all things health and fitness and years of experience as a personal trainer, combined with a BA in Accountancy and Finance, made the creation of Wellness London a natural choice for Philip. With a keen interest in constant self-progression, breaking barriers and learning new skills, Philip easily translates this to the employee setting.

Kim Johnson


A fascination and passion for fitness, health and well-being blended with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and keen entrepreneurial flair led to the development of Wellness London. Kim’s firm belief in constant evolution, plus years of experience treating city professionals, gives her a natural understanding of the needs of the corporate worker.

Christon Burrows

Advisor to the Board

Former Chief Executive Officer of Lucidus Capital Partners LLP, Christon holds an LLM in Banking and Finance Law from UCL. In his personal capacity, Christon mentors and invests in start-ups and is an active member of E100, a business angel network run by LBS. Christon has a keen interest in all things health and fitness related and firmly believes in the business case for employee wellness programmes.

Ioanna Karelia

Advisor to the Board

Ioanna gained her intercollegiate MSc in Transportation at Imperial College London and UCL. She is a keen angel investor in tech, transportation and health and wellness start-ups, and has recently founded  Performance Ground, a state of the art high performance facility in Holborn that is also a strategic partner of Wellness London. This reflects her own immense passion for performance and wellness.

Martijn Van Pieterson

Advisor to the Board

Martijn has had 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, first in Amsterdam with ABN AMRO and thereafter with Royal Bank of Scotland in London. He has managed large businesses and teams within the financial markets businesses of both banks, and until last year was part of RBS Markets’ Management Committee. Martijn has first hand experience of the difference a 360 degree wellness programme makes to a professional’s life, hence his own passion and involvement in Wellness London.