Motivated employees
will make a company thrive

Wellness London’s people are at the heart of what we do. The combined passion for wellbeing and corporate experience of the founders, board members and wellness consultants are the key to WL’s success

Meet our People

Wellness London

Making Companies Thrive

Philip Jones


A life-long love of all things health and fitness and years of experience as a personal trainer, combined with a BA in Accountancy and Finance, made the creation of Wellness London a natural choice for Philip. With a keen interest in constant self-progression, breaking barriers and learning new skills, Philip easily translates this to the employee setting.

Kim Johnson


A fascination and passion for health and well-being blended with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and keen entrepreneurial flair led to the development of Wellness London. Kim’s firm belief in constant evolution, plus years of experience treating city professionals, gives her a natural understanding of the needs of the corporate worker.

Christon Burrows

Advisor to the Board

Former Chief Executive Officer of Lucidus Capital Partners LLP, Christon holds an LLM in Banking and Finance Law from UCL. In his personal capacity, Christon mentors and invests in start-ups and is an active member of E100, a business angel network run by LBS. Christon has a keen interest in all things health and fitness related and firmly believes in the business case for employee wellness programmes.

Ioanna Karelia

Advisor to the Board

Ioanna gained her intercollegiate MSc in Transportation at Imperial College London and UCL. She is a keen angel investor in tech, transportation and health and wellness start-ups, and has recently founded  Performance Ground, a state of the art high performance facility in Holborn that is also a strategic partner of Wellness London. This reflects her own immense passion for performance and wellness.

Martijn Van Pieterson

Advisor to the Board

Martijn has had 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, first in Amsterdam with ABN AMRO and thereafter with Royal Bank of Scotland in London. He has managed large businesses and teams within the financial markets businesses of both banks, and until last year was part of RBS Markets’ Management Committee. Martijn has first hand experience of the difference a 360 degree wellness programme makes to a professional’s life, hence his own passion and involvement in Wellness London.

Simon Mesner


Simon is an experienced Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer. His sessions incorporate his wide range of skills from hands-on treatment to expert exercise advice. Simon’s clinics are much sought after by our customers.

Edd Phillips

Tai chi

Tai chi (taiji), short for T’ai chi ch’üanis an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Edd’s superb classes give employees the gift of much needed movement in their day.

Rachael Forsberg

Sleep Coach, Mental Health Expert

Specialising in stress and anxiety, sleep and leadership coaching. Enhancing wellness, performance and focus through interactive workshops and 1:1 sleep and mental fitness coaching. Rachael is a pleasure to have in the WL team.

Uju Eze

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

As a qualified sports and remedial masseuse, Uju’s love of the human mind and body is infectious, and the combination of her humour and her natural empathy makes for unforgettable sessions for employees.

Karmen Pirh


Karmen specialises in posture correction, muscle imbalances, sports injury management and prevention, weight loss and enduring training. She is an expert Pilates Instructor who employees will love.

Ciaran Keen

Osteopath, Wellness Coach

Each and every client of WL wants more of Ciaran. A highly skilled Osteopath and expert Wellness Coach, Ciaran helps with not only aches and injuries

Libby Palmer

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Libby is an experienced Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, with skills in Soft Tissue Release,Neuromuscular Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques. Libby can address any injuries or issues employees may have and help them.

Floyd Matthews

Massage Therapist

Floyd has been working as a Remedial Masseur for over 25 years, including time as Tony Robbins massage therapist. Floyd is a true professional, extremely popular therapist who we are very lucky to have on the WL team.

Tina Stallard

Mindfulness, Mental Health

Tina is a Mindfulness teacher who trained with Bangor University and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Her sessions help employees with stress, anxiety and teach communication and coping strategies for positive mental health.

Toby Van Nes


Toby is a Physiotherapist with a passion for strength and conditioning alongside a plethora of manual techniques, which offer employees a fantastic all-rounded treatment session they won’t forget!

Chloe Steele


Chloe is a hit with each and every employee. Her experience and refined skills in Reflexology leave you feeling so relaxed and able to focus that her clinic’s are always a sell-out, each and every time.

Emily Hughes

Counselling, Mindfulness, Mental Health

From Mindfulness to Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Hypnotherapy, Emily offers a range of therapies and solutions to help you manage your emotions, your behaviour and your well being.

Mia Forbes Pirie

Mindfulness, Meditation, Mental Health

Mia is lie no other. Be it Mindfulness, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Relaxation, Resilience….Mia’s sessions are always met with such great applaud, employees leave feeling motivated and ready to take on any challenge.

Joel Hamilton


Joel is a much-loved Osteopath whose intuitive ability combined with on-going academic studies make him a leading Osteopath of his time. Joel knows what works in the corporate environment and employees will love his sessions.

Gracie McGeehan


Gracie is an experienced Yogi, bringing passion, fun and attention to detail in her teaching. Gracie’s in-office classes attract all types of employees who enjoy her cues and instruction in a busy day.

Lily Soutter


Lily is a BSc (Hons) registered Nutritionist who regularly writes for The Times and Telegraph as well as numerous magazines. She has appeared TV many times and a sensation on Instagram for her professional approach.

Neale Groves


Neale is a Physiotherapist and keen advocate of all things wellness and sustainability. She understands what exercise will help you with your issues and what techniques will help ease away problems.

Declan Clarke

Massage and Buteyko Breathing

With 23 years in the industry, Declan is somewhat of a thought leader in the field of Massage Therapy and Buteyko Breathing. Whether through breathing, massage or referral to another expert, Declan will find the solution for you.