For employees to thrive, employer-provided boardroom snacks have to take the biscuit (away). 

Wellness London is often tasked with providing “lunch and learns” in the workplace. We appreciate that a little motivation to boost employee attendance goes a long way, therefore always welcome the incentive.
When the “lunch” element of the session is a healthy salad buffet, provided by the employer for the employee, it’s a positive indicator of the culture towards wellness.

However, when we see (and we often do) a tray of biscuits, cereal bars, crisps and fizzy drinks it is often the sign that a greater shift in culture is required.

Providing simple sugars for boardroom snacks is not a smart way to boost productivity. The short-term surge in focus produced from the immediate energy release from the sugar is outweighed by the crash, or so-called “carb-coma”, caused by reactive eating and binging on the only available food choices.

Employees will find it hard to resist the temptation of sugary snacks when sat in a (perhaps rather stuffy) room for hours upon end. With hunger and heavy-eyes, any food will suffice. That sugar rush and the sure crash will likely result in employees talking over one other, suffering from poor concentration and high levels of irritation.

We believe it is an employers responsibility to teach positive wellbeing and provide employees with the basics needed to allow them to perform their duties to their very best.

Inside or outside of the board room – stop sabotaging employees wellbeing efforts!

Recognise and reward employees who proudly resist the office birthday cake or sweets to stick to their current goals. A good colleague should support their fellows who are choosing to avoid unhealthy food and behaviours. We don’t for a minute recommend condemning those who do choose some sugary treats now and then but educate employees on moderation and offer variety in these snacks. Mix naughtier treats with healthier ones. Allow choice.

Healthy eating habits and choices will help decrease the desire for junk food and employers can contribute to making employees aware of blood sugar lulls and cravings through education in a wellness programme alongside supplying the right foods.

Healthy office and boardroom snacks include:

• Seeds and nuts
• Crudités and dips
• Fresh and dried fruit
• Paleo Bars and Balls
• Quality mini bars of chocolate (70%+ to be advised)
• Jerky and Biltong
• Baked vegetable chips (Pret do a delicious Kale version)
• Rice cakes (with various toppings)

The above is a list of recommended upgrades we made for some of our clients in the UK and Ireland, from Haribo, Coca-Cola and Kettle Chips. It is is not a menu of what to have for lunch, more so a list of long lasting easy to store snacks that will make a genuine difference for employees when trying to focus during long periods of meetings.

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