Relax but keep “well”…..

First of all I need to congratulate you; well done! It takes blood, sweat and, in some cases, carbohydrate depleted tantrums, to achieve your fit, healthy ‘pre-holiday’ goal body. Don’t you agree? And you did it by fitting your training in around the pressures of corporate life. Even more well done! So, you have made it, goal achieved and your holiday has started but how do you stop it all going to waste?

The best way is simple, don’t stop your training and instead incorporate exercise into your holiday plans. Make the most of the weather, the resort, the beach, the sea and take your training outside. Try and avoid the hot sweaty indoor hotel gym if you can. Remember that anything is better than hill sprints at 6am in the rain back in London. Although I must admit as a wellness professional I hold a soft spot in my heart for rainy 6am hill sprints…

To help you on your way to training on your holiday here are a few simple workouts. You just need a resistance band plus a hill or a beach.

Workout 1

Mark 30m out on a beach or find a good steep hill

1a. Bodyweight Squats x10

1b. Press Ups x10

1c. Band Pull Aparts

1d. 1 Hill/Beach Sprint

60-90 seconds recovery depending on fitness level

Repeat 5 times.


Workout 2

If you fancy something a little more challenging…

Mark out 50m on a beach or find an even steeper hill!

1a. Band Resisted Squats x10

1b. Reverse Lunges x10 each leg

1c. Band Resisted Press Ups x10

1d. Band Pull Aparts x15

1e. 1 Hill/Beach Sprint

60-90 seconds recovery depending on fitness level

Repeat 5 times.


Try and incorporate a workout like those described above at least twice a week. So if you’re away for two weeks, you will enjoy at least four workouts! I’ll mention this later again but remember it is about balance. Enjoy your time away and make the most of being able to do something that ordinarily you would not. Why not try an early morning walk along the beach? A thirty minute swim in the ocean or the infinity pool that looks out across the resort?

It’s also worth mentioning nutrition, as the two go hand in hand. You can always make good choices about what you eat, even on holiday. Opt for lighter dishes and those without sauce. Grilled is always a better option than fried. You can always treat yourself a little by sharing a deep fried delight on the side. When it comes to alcohol drinking can sneak up on you in calories and units, stay hydrated with plenty of water with loads of ice or fresh fruit juices in between drinks. A suggestion is to drink only clear spirits, these are lower calorie options as opposed to lagers and ciders.

You can utilize a 360° approach in your life that incorporates training, nutrition and mindfulness. You can take this anywhere with you, on holiday, at work and at play.

I recommend you start creating those healthy habits now, as soon as possible, until they become lifelong and you don’t even need to think about them anymore. Unfortunately I can assure you, from personal experience, that trying to get back in shape next time is always that little bit harder!



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