How 360 degrees of wellness can reduce the challenges HR leaders are currently facing.

At Wellness London, we believe a tailored corporate wellness programme could be the answer. US research shows that over the last 15 years, the best performing listed companies are those that successfully create a culture of health and wellness.[2]

A recent survey[1] by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) concluded that the top concern HR departments are facing is “maintaining high levels of employee engagement”. This was closely followed by “maintaining competitive compensation offerings” and “retaining our highest performing employees”.

You may already have a corporate wellness package but how well is it working? How many of your employees are taking up the offer of discounted gym memberships or Pilates sessions. Have you given them a metaphorical company car without them knowing how to drive? It is important to educate your employees, and provide them with the right tools and knowledge so that they can successfully implement them into their day-to day lives. Successful Wellness Programmes have the ability to reduce sick days taken by up to 70%, reduce health costs by 30%, and improve workplace productivity by 20%.

What is the difference in the Wellness London model? We listen and get to know what your company needs. Having successfully implemented a variety Wellness Programmes varying from in-house personal training, mobility workshops, stress management courses (mindfulness and resilience), and nutritional presentations, through to drop-in massage clinics, we use our experience to build you a tailored 360-degree wellness programme to get you results. Wellness is so much more than just exercise to relieve stress; it’s about delivering the right intervention at the right time.  We would argue that bringing in a psychologist to deal with isolated incidents of elevated stress is an example of a reactive intervention – too little too late.  We use relevant wellbeing solutions to help sustain a more engaged and productive workforce.

By providing a 360-degree wellness programme you are solving the issue of competitive compensation offerings. Increasing the engagement of employees thus improving your company’s productivity by reducing sick days and staff turnover means less of a HR headache! If your employees look forward to coming to work, why would they leave?

In short, the answer to the question, how do I solve my HR challenges – readdress your Wellness Programme!




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