Have you been tasked with developing a wellness programme for the employees at your company?  Read on to discover our top tips.

Regardless of why you are in the position of developing your company wellness programme, take a moment to recognise the massively added value you are about to make for your company.

All modern businesses who value their employees and recognise the importance of investing in their health and wellbeing will be delegating to their HR / Pensions and Benefits / People Managers the task of creating a wellness programme. Quite simply: it’s the thing to be doing.

Financial remuneration is no longer enough, thanks to Google, Apple, Facebook, the tech industry at large; millennials expect more.

To launch a successful wellness programme, you will require a defined budget. At the least: a willingness of the CFO to find a budget. We can help advise on how to put forth a business plan for such a budget (contact us for more information).

Wellness London regularly receives queries on how we can help implement a programme in a workplace, only for things to grind to a halt once we discuss costs.  Not because they are high – we offer excellent rates – but because there are costs at all. It is one thing wanting a wellness programme, but the investment is needed for it to have depth and solve the problem of productivity, talent retention and exciting, competitive benefit offering. Freebies lack effect.

Some businesses invest heavily into creating a programme internally, even creating a specific job role for the task, only to find the programme met with little enthusiasm.This is often a result of a lack of substance to the events and making presumptions about what employees want and need and what you can get for free.

A common example being a Wellness Day where a private medical insurer will send in someone to hand out free pens and take resting heart rates, perhaps there might be some healthy snacks on offer or a ten-minute neck and shoulder massage. This is hardly inspiring to employees who will not see the value in attending.

The benefits of outsourcing your wellness programme, no matter how big or small the targeted scale, is the immediate credibility and interest from your employees thus immediately solving the problem of interest.

For example, if you want to promote healthy eating, then printing a few posters and swapping the office biscuits for fresh fruit could be seen as a mediocre gesture or completely overlooked. If instead you offered a “Lunch and Learn” seminar with healthy buffet, whilst a nutritionist imparts their knowledge with fun and interesting topics, then you can expect happy and engaged employees who feel genuine effort has been put into the offering.

Next month we will give you our top tips for creating a successful wellness programme. If you want to know sooner, please contact us here.

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