Time to smash that plateau and get motivated!

Have you been exercising for a number of years? Or perhaps you are fairly new to it, and after some fantastic initial results, progress has come to a halt?

Did you start out seriously overweight, then you lost a few stone and feel you have a fairly good degree of health?

Did you start out super skinny, but now after many hours/days/weeks lifting weights, you feel “about normal” in terms of size and strength?

Were you tight and creaky from long hours sitting at the desk, so you took up Yoga and now you can touch your toes, but you still feel pretty immobile and lacking energy?

Time for an intervention!


Let’s practice some skills and enter some competitions (no, not the Olympics… although there are many stories out there where people have! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19081992). #HelenGlover!

In this day and age the corporate world has events on throughout the summer, be it the JLL Triathlon or the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. On a consumer level London has the Royal Parks runs and throughout the country there are 5/10k runs weekly. Then of course we have the super popular assault course races (@ToughMudder @Spartan).

I myself got my inspiration from watching the British Championships of the @Crossfitgames last weekend at @Lee Valley Athletics Club (an awesome venue!)

Skip/Jump Rope
Muscle Up
Hand Stand
Any Tumble
Cart Wheel
Above is an exhaustive list of some of the ‘skills’ I practice when I don’t want to strictly exercise. Instead I train a skill. Do not fear: sometimes this only takes 10 minutes. That’s it!

A week on holiday was a perfect chance to practice my double unders on the skipping rope!


So back to the first paragraph:

I was inspired on Sunday at the @British Championships of @Crossfit, why? Because I CAN belong!

How? By learning the Olympic Weightlifting skill.

How will I do that? I’ve already started…. On Tuesday I went back to Lee Valley and began my training with @AdamWoriker of the @NorthLondonWeightLifting Club.

Where are you going with all this ego boosting nonsense you ask?!

It’s simple: you want a desired physique or level of fitness, the training programme for how to get there and how to train properly? Then compete in it!

Whether you compete on the day or not is irrelevant, as the results occur in the journey.

If you want to get faster then run more races (strategically please, not two in one day!).

If you want to be Army fit and mentally tough then enter assault courses races and learn to enjoy them!

If you want to move freely then act like a gymnast!

And if you’re like me and you want to build an all round machine of a body, then do @crossfit!

Compete and learn!