Wellness London’s Offerings

A consultation to reach a focused overview of your company’s wellness needs. You will receive a proposal for your company’s wellness programme which would be based on one our Wellness Working packages.

A tailor made corporate wellness programme to meet your needs, with a six month programme follow-up to review your company’s progress.

A comprehensive tailor-made annual/two year wellness programme including six monthly reviews, health screen, bespoke newsletter, in-office wellness clinics, lunch and learn educational sessions and progressive small group courses throughout the year. We can white-label the programme to your company’s specification.

Our company away day is the ideal opportunity to explore and address the topic of wellness and can be combined with company strategy days. The day to allows you to listen and involve your employees in identifying company wellness needs.

Wellness programmes targeted at specific groups within your company, for example those facing redundancy, return to work parents and departments facing departmental change.