Simple tips to implement today!

1. Make water your ‘go to’ drink. Have a large glass the minute you wake up and have a glass with every meal.
2. Eat eggs for breakfast.
3. Eat more white fish.
4. Eat as much ‘grow above the ground’ vegetable sources as possible! Just watch the dressing portions you use on salads.
5. Consider vegetables that grow below the ground as ‘carbs’, for example potato, sweet potato, squash, swedes, carrots, parsnips, celeriac.
6. Avoid processed foods wherever possible (if you eat bread aim for rye or seeded versions). Keep pasta as a treat.
7. When cooking rice try adding cauliflower cous cous, Cougette Spaghetti or quinoa, as to reduce overall carb content.
8. Avoid coffee creations. Drink black or white. Avoid latte’s and cappucino’s etc.
9. Avoid eating double portions of diary in one sitting (for example milky porridge with a cappuccino, or a feta salad followed by a yoghurt).
10. Pre-empt low blood sugar levels, for example if you have a two hour meeting, take on board a few seeds or nuts, and hydrate.
11. Don’t starve yourself. People make poor choices when hungry!
12. Eat protein in all major meals, in fact try and snack with it (for example boiled eggs, cold cuts, sashimi, tuna/sardines, peanut butter on an apple, protein shakes, high protein yoghurts, cottage cheese).
13. Booze – Aim for dry whites or clear spirits with low sugar mixers, or better yet, don’t drink it!
14. Supplement with Vitamin D and Omega 3.
15. Prepare in advance. Try a mail order meat company!