Workplace Wellness Clinics out-perform employee-benefits offerings for both hard and soft returns.

Your present dilemma as a HR Director or CEO is to provide better and more effective employee benefits and care but in a cost effective manner.

  • Now is a time of uncertainty in all business sectors.
  • Employees are feeling the stress of the current financial climate and need help.
  • Stress negatively affects culture, reducing performance.
  • Demand for improved work-life balance is high; employees need time for wellness within the working day.
  • It’s what top performing companies are doing: caring for employees is a must.

Our most recent study of employee benefits showed discounted gym membership as being the most commonly offered yet least used. Wellness goes well beyond the boundaries of a gym. For many, this benefit will feel like segregation.

Employees overwhelmingly stated that seeing a wellness professional, in-office (to avoid the time lost in commute) is a benefit they would commit to. Workplace wellness clinics are an effective solution.


Stress is higher than ever and employees are working longer hours with less time for their home and family life. Employees prefer to spend their precious time at home instead of in the physiotherapist practice. The result? Poor wellbeing, which ultimately affects performance in the workplace.

Why use working time?

A good question. Why should an employer be giving employees thirty minutes to seek nutritional advice or see an osteopath when they could be at their desks? The answer is relatively simple: showing an employee appreciation of their health, their wellbeing and their time, will ultimately result in trust and commitment to performance.

A token gesture?

You will find that benefits such as gym membership, discounted dining, activity trackers, in-office snacks etc, are overlooked and often disregarded by many employees as a mere token gesture. If you are serious about wellbeing for employees, then do it properly with workplace wellness clinics.

An example of the sheer effectiveness of in-office clinics is demonstrated by company in London, of approximately 300 employees. WL began delivering workplace wellness clinics to them over 2 years ago. At the launch, the employees were literally overwhelmed and suspicious. “Why are they doing this?” asked one employee. “I didn’t know they cared” said another.

A year on, this company went through a major restructuring resulting in redundancies and division within certain sectors. The wellness clinics remained and employees appreciated a place of solitude and comfort through a very difficult time.

Now, the culture has changed again; employees are now resilient and demonstrate a greater care in managing their own well-being. Business is strong.

Our business has undergone significant change and restructuring in the recent months and the emotional and physical support from Wellness London for our people should not be underestimated; many employees have utilised the clinics to support their mental and physical wellbeing during a prolonged period of stress and pressure

S.B, HR Director, Private Bank, Mayfair

What’s the cost to you?

Workplace wellness clinics are more expensive than other benefits. However, they are more utilised and less distracting, more effective and so return their worth in employee productivity and cultural change.

The hard return is still being proved; less sick days and reduced attrition. The soft return is so evident; increased employee happiness, greater resilience, improved relationships and team work, a feel of unity and loyalty for the company they work for and a better reputation for the company itself.

How do you believe this?

Wellness London invites you to trial our offering with a pop-up wellness clinic. Let us show you the interest and positivity it creates. Contact us today and we will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange your trial.

I think the wellness sessions have been brilliant. I’ve really enjoyed the peace and ‘me time’ that they’ve offered in the work environment, especially in such a busy one as the one in which we operate at JLL. They have made big changes to my routine, which is now more productive and focussed.




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