Ward off stress this festive season with our quick-fire Christmas Wellness guide!

The festive season is upon us. For many, it is a time of fun, laughter and a little indulgence in foods, wine and gifts. For some, it can bring a degree of stress and over-indulgence.

In the workplace, this means the Christmas Party and client dinners as well as time away from the desk with family and friends.
While stress is part of life, it’s how we manage it that makes the difference. Here are our top tips on how to stand-up to stress this Christmas and avoid taking indulgences too far!

1. Pick one task that drives you crazy at Christmas, and approach it in a new way. It might be work-related, such as booking appraisals for the New Year or family relates, such as writing and sending Christmas cards or wrapping gifts. If you usually approach the task independently then why not this year, enlist the help of others. Delegate a proportion of your job to others. Or do it in stages so you can stay focused.

2. Remember to have fun. Life can be so very serious a lot of the time; it’s essential to make time to laugh, see friends, watch a silly film and have some fun-filled time too.

3. Use the free, gift wrapping services!

4. Pack smart. If you are travelling this Christmas pt all essential items like toothbrushes and bed-clothes in one place, so when you arrive at your destination they are easy to find and grab.

5. Be satisfied with “good enough”. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen or wrap presents like the assistants at Harrods. Take the pressure off by allowing yourself to be okay with “okay”. You’ll find people are just as happy.

6. Keep up daily rituals, schedule in breaks for yourself to read/watch Masterchef / listen to your children’s stories. Allow time to be mindful, perhaps a walk or a quiet meal with your partner/friends. Take in the now away from the planning.

7. When life gives you lemons; sniff them. Research has shown that lemon scents instantly boost your mood. Have some lemon scents around the home, or at the desk, to keep your spirit positive.

8. Enjoy treats the right way: too much sugar will cause blood sugar levels to rise, leaving you feeling anxious and the stress to weigh you down more. Have one mince pie, not a plate of them. Resist stealing chocolates from your children’s advent calendar. One pudding is excellent, no need for two servings (especially if you are also having a glass of wine or two!)

9. Sneak in some exercise between the organising and parties. You’ll enjoy the festive period a whole lot more if you let it all out in the gym or going for a run or doing whatever you love to do for physical activity. Plus those treats will seem much tastier when guilt-free! Exercise is known for its ability to blunt the effects of the stress hormone cortisol and increase the release of the happy hormone endorphin. Prioritise movement!

10. Focus on what is most important. Your colleague won’t mind if you choose not to drink to excess at the staff party. You children will be okay with a shop-bought Christmas Pudding. Your partner won’t miss the added ribbons from their gifts. What they will mind is a very stressed you.

Keep well, be well and get well into a stress-free Christmas!

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