Out with the old: Wellness is the modern financial practice.

As one of the pioneering corporate wellness companies in the UK we thought it was the time to highlight the successful services we have been able to deliver for one of our most forward-thinking clients.

Wellness London has been servicing some of London’s (and beyond) most innovative and established private finance firms for over three years now.

As the co-founder of Wellness London and therefore busy with the running and development of the company, I am at times less involved in the actual service delivery side of our work. I do, however, ensure I do occasionally host a clinic or give a talk to not only share my knowledge and passion but get to speak to the people who directly benefit from our services.

For this blog, I wanted to focus on Numis Securities.  Numis is a relatively new client of Wellness London with whom we started working in partnership with towards the end of summer 2017.

One of the first things that we noticed about Numis was how modern they seemed, evident by the décor, open-plan layout of office space, through to the healthy snacks in boardrooms and keenness to ensure their employees, at all levels felt that the firm was focusing on personal resilience and wellbeing..  It was great for us to be pitching our services to people who on a personal level share a real interest in their own wellbeing.

If we can see the glimmer in a person’s eye when we talk about providing nutrition talks, physiotherapy and mindfulness courses then we know are off to a strong start!

When we first start working with a new client, we err on the side of caution, initially suggesting relatively low volumes of services and look to build, as demand grows.

Well what rapid growth we’ve seen at Numis!

We now run a wellness clinic every single week, 48 weeks per year.  We cover all elements of wellness, the whole plethora.  Alongside a rolling rota of clinics, Numis recognised and the importance of raising awareness and focusing on mental health

In line with this mental health focus, since November we’ve offered weekly counselling clinics.  Employees are not limited to a set number of sessions.

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides a safe and confidential space for you to discuss any issue, incident, challenge or problem you may be facing or working through in your life.

The counselling sessions have focussed on:  Anxiety, Stress and support, Confidence and Self-esteem, and Managing changes and dealing with loss.

Numis have recognised the fact that focusing on personal resilience in a high performance workplace is important. .  They understand how they as employers can actively assist with this by showing their commitment to discussing the topic as well as providing training and the tools by which employees can best manage their own resilience.

Inevitably we’ll work with Numis to make sure a maintenance programme is in place.  Perhaps we’ll be adding regular Mindfulness clinics next, maybe something entirely different: wellness is a constant evolution and Numis are committed to taking feedback from their employees as to what works for them and what they want to see more of and less of. A nimble wellness programme for a nimble firm!

Contact us to catch up with Numis and get your wellness programme running.

And now a word from Numis….

“Our partnership with Wellness London has been a game changer for us in terms of our commitment to personal resilience and wellbeing here at Numis. Wellness Londons’ nimble and personal approach has meant that we can tailor clinics and offerings during the programme in response to feedback; for instance we have recently added Pilates classes in our auditorium at lunchtime due to demand. The response from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. To be able to have access to practitioners and therapists that they can book online and visit onsite for a busy workforce has been invaluable. In addition, the feedback on all of the practitioners has been extremely positive and the newsletters that Wellness London help us to craft have really helped us to promote their services but also to embed the messaging around the firms commitment to these topics.

Kim and Philip are always accessible, thoughtful and above all easy and fun to work with. They are experts in their field and bring innovative thinking to the table around topics we should be considering and are proactive in sharing trends in the industry that might be relevant to us.

Thank you so much to Wellness London for all you have done for us here at Numis! We look forward to our continued partnership!”

Gemma Cook

Director, Head of Human Resources

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