Is your company reputation as good as your competitors? Become a leading employer; get a wellness programme.

Be you a FTSE 100 business or a blossoming start-up on AIM; you need to keep ahead of the competition. Millennials are looking for the best employer, one who offers them the best in all aspects of employment. A wellness programme is now a must have regarding expectation.

Investing in wellness need not be overly expensive; while a token budget will result in an ineffective programme, a moderate cost produces significant results. Compare £100 per employee to what you spend on business development and advertising. Who better to advertise your company than you people?

This century is about prevention, not cure. Be bold, cut costs on treating a problem once it has arisen and instead put the spend into prevention of ill health and promotion of wellbeing. Just this week Forbes reported on a study by US analytics company Gallup which found that of 80,844 employees (of differing companies) only 33% were engaged in their work. That’s 50.3% not engaged and 16.8% actively disengaged. Far costlier to a company than absenteeism! Hay Group report disengagement costs the industry £340billion each year. We invite you to read that number again.

Do not wait for this to happen, be proactive, create a budget for wellness and see engagement levels rise.

Move away from gym membership and rarely utilised benefits. Take a risk and spend more on something significant; wellness clinics, lunch and learns, wellness newsletters. Your risk will be worth it both concerning reputation and savings made from reduced presenteeism. Our partners at Incasa Consulting urge leaders to get actively involved in employee wellness, read more here.

It works. It’s what the leading companies are already doing, and it is becoming an expectation of employers to offer a wellness programme as standard.

Are you a confident company ready to move with the times? Stop hiding behind ineffective benefits and health insurance and provide a service that makes a difference. Contact us for more information. We can provide a taster of what a wellness programme can bring. Our experience speaks volumes as does the cultural changes we have brought about with our current clients.

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